GOionic 5 Plates Model Alkaline Water Ionizer

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GOionic 5 Plates Model is nothing but an alkaline water ionizer can produce a constant water flow. This light weight water ionizer is based on cutting-edge technology Removes harmful free radicals from the body as it has negative ORP. This is a compact and simple water ionizer model that can be installed without any help of expert plumbers. The GOionic 5 Plates Model costs you Rs. 1,30,400/- and doesn’t need any expert installation.

  • Alkalinity of water may help in achieving balanced pH level in the body which is proved to be very good for the body.
  • Micro clustering of water molecules provides better absorption and hydration.
  • Removes harmful free radicals from the body as it has negative ORP (Oxidation -Reduction Potential).
  • It has good anti-aging effects because of its negative ORP properties.
  • Helps in providing healthy and brighter skin.
  • Maintaining a healthy alkaline level in the body is proved to be helpful in preventing many serious illnesses.
  • Acidic water is used to disinfect utensils, clothes, floor etc.
  • Acidic water can be used externally on the skin for washing and shower purposes.

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