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Aquafresh Nexus Camry water Purifier            

Aquafresh Nexus Camry water Purifier is specially made to purify bore-well water, storage tanks water, water tankers, and tap water. The water purifier model ensures that you never go out of safe and pure water with its 10 liters water purifying capacity. Aquafresh RO Nexus system water purifier is loaded with RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller that remove every molecule of dissolved impurities such as harmful chemicals and excess salts, and offers pure water all the time.

The best quality TDS controller maintains natural minerals in the water and delivers all-purpose safe, and tasty drinking water. This Aquafresh water purifier has 10 liters water tank, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of purified in the power interruption or running tap water. You can get a fully automatic operation that resumes the purification process when the water level falls below the halfway mark. The RO automatically stops working when the tank is filled up to a maximum or the improper inlet water supply.

The Filters And Technologies Used In The Aquafresh RO Model And Their Roles

Aquafresh Nexus Camry is among the water purifier models that are equally suitable for home and office purposes. It has 120 liters per hour water purification capacity and can store 12 liters of water. The multi-stage purification technology and portable design make it the best choice for variable commercial uses. The Nexus model is loaded with auto cut-off technology that ensures the power-saving and auto flushing system.

The Aquafresh Camry model has a pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, and post-activated carbon filter to ensure the elimination of every minute pollutants. A well-maintained Aquafresh RO model delivers the best quality water that is free from bad odor, color, and taste. It will give you the right combination of efficiency and peace of mind because of its heavy-duty spares and long-lasting consumables.

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