Use The Combination Of RO UV Water Purifier To Get The Most Of It

RO is the technique that uses semi permeable membrane to remove excess ions, minerals, salts, and other particles from drinking water when it is passed through high pressure. RO filter blocks contaminants are ejected from the system and reject along with the drain water. On the other hand, UV disinfects water from microbial and all other biological contaminants. Because of all these reasons, RO+UV is the best water purification technique. In cases where the TDS level of water is very low and does not carry any other harmful contaminants like arsenic and fluorides. But when water contains physical, chemical, and biological contaminants, the RO along with UV treatment is good enough to purify water.

Get a wide range of RO water purifiers with the latest technologies like – RO, RO+UV water purifiers have advanced 2 stage purification ensures your drinking water is safe and pure for consumption. Our RO and UV range of water purifiers removes harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, making sure that your drinking water are almost safe. RO Care India not just offers the best-in-class water purification but also offers timely service that makes us one of the best. Our RO+UV range of water purifiers can purify TDS up to 2000 and fulfill all other criteria's to consider safe for consumption.

How Reverse Osmosis Works Together With Ultraviolet Water Purifier

RO purifiers separate more than 90% of dissolved pollutants water passes through semi permeable membrane then UV disinfection it to get rid of microbes like bacteria, viruses, and other biological pollutants without removing any essential minerals that are essential for your drinking water. It also needs to know that RO purifiers waste up to 80% of the water during treatment, which simply goes waste, but along with UV filter, it is reused and lowers wastage.

So, we can say that UV water purification is the most eco-friendly way to purify water as it does not add any chemicals to your water, and it does not waste any drop of water that RO doesn't. This also states that in a combination of RO and UV, a water purifier makes any polluted water more than pure and fit for any household use once you go for a water quality test before choosing a water purifier, then you pick one of the most suitable technology for sure.

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