A water purifier is designed as per the area water quality with a range of filters and membranes. The carbon filter is there to remove impurities as it improves the taste of water and eliminates bad smells. The activated carbon filter cuts off unwanted chemicals and other organic compounds such as chlorine, pesticides, and other organic compounds that are suspended in the tap water. The carbon filter has a crucial role when it comes to removing bad taste and odor from water and improving the overall taste. In this filter the water passes through a carbon filter that activates carbon beads to absorb the suspended impurities and bring back the original taste and color of water. The RO Care India carbon filter has pre and post water purification stages to keep all the necessary minerals intact in water.

Carbon Filter: What Role Does It Play?

water purifier is manufactured with a different set of filters and membranes, and each one has to play a crucial role in the water purification process. The carbon filter is such a filter that it doesn’t just remove impurities as it also enhances the taste of water.

Carbon filters remove all sorts of unwanted chemicals and organic compounds like chlorine, pesticides, and other volatile organic compounds that may be suspended in the raw water. The carbon filter also has a crucial role in removing smell and odor from water and improving the overall taste of water.

When water passes through a carbon filter, the activated carbon filter absorbs all the suspended impurities along with unusual taste and organic compounds. You can use RO Care India carbon filters both in the pre and post water purification stages. So, you have to understand the importance and benefits of a carbon filter in a water purifier.

Pre Carbon Filter: Role And Advantages

Pre Carbon filter filters the physical impurities before water passes through the RO membrane. The carbon filters benefit from a higher surface area where most of the dissolved impurities get attracted to the carbon atoms on the surface. When the carbon filter is attached before the RO membrane, it is referred to as a pre-carbon filter.

Pre carbon filter is known to increase the life of the RO membrane by defending it from physical impurities and chlorine, which is known to damage the RO membrane. The extended life of the RO filter means you have to pay low maintenance costs at the time of its service.

When raw water passes through the carbon filter, the impurities like TDS, heavy metals and salts are completely eliminated. Along with the carbon filter, the purification stages like RO, UV, and TDS membranes are added to ensure permeate water is completely purified and make it safe for consumption.

Post Carbon Filter: The Last Stage Of Water Filtration

The water is filtered by using the RO and UV membranes, and sometimes the additional layer of carbon filter is added to improve water purity, termed the post carbon filter. The post carbon filter is usually used as the last stage of any water purification system. The post carbon filter can be added in any water purification stage that helps in enhancing overall water quality. The post carbon filter works like a finisher and improves the taste of purified water.

The activated carbon filter is used as the carbon block made of high-quality coconut shells and charcoal to provide maximum surface area for absorption of the suspended impurities. The carbon block lowers the concentration of chlorine and other contaminants efficiently and offers you the purest form of water.

The RO water purifier model comes along with carbon filters and is highly recommended for the best water purification. Thus, it is best to invest in the right water purifier to provide safe and pure drinking water for all day-to-day activities.

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