50-100 LTR Water ATM: The Assurance To Free Water Access

50-100 LTR water ATM model comes with a built-in intelligent coin validating system for convenience to use in any crowded place. The range of water ATMs known for low power consumption and mostly installed with a solar system. It is made up of 100 % stainless steel sheet with 0.7mm thickness with met finish 304 grade to tolerate any environmental conditions. In the case of the coin validator machine, it accepts a single coin of Rs.1/2/5 and /Rs 10. The coin validator type unit has a separate coin comparator that arranges the coin periodically.

It is made for that as the coin comparator system cannot jam coin in validating the design and coin return if don’t have enough water to dispense after insert the coin. It has a programmable password for the admin and operator to load water and collect coins when full. Programmable coin selection Rs.1, 2, 5/, and10 and get water quantity 100 ml to 20 liter as per the inserted coin.

The Features To Look Out For-

  • The intelligent display gives you the exact reports of the total no. of coin collection a day
  • The inbuilt water totalizer also gives you the report of the total quantity of water dispenses in a day
  • Water level monitoring can stop automatically in case of low water level
  • In case of power failure, it can dispense water for up to 6 hours
  • Water jar design is set as per client requirement
  • Water ATM is easy to install and user-friendly machine

The 50-100 LTR water ATM price is very much considered in terms of its features. The water dispenser is located at any public and private place to deliver healthy water at an affordable rate and makes it easy to access. It is cost-effective because it is free from transporting, packaging, and storage cost.

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